Apple Mac mini: "Upgraded"

May 20, 2015

In this short blog entry, I have 2 photos of a screen on a Mac mini where it shows the upgraded version from 4Gbs of RAM to 16 Gbs of RAM...In which, the 4 Gbs has two sticks of 2Gbs of RAM as so the 16 Gbs RAM has 8Gbs per the each of the two sticks for the 16 Gbs...


As you can see in each photo both the 4Gb & 16 Gb specs show they both have 1600 MHz DDR3 momery module in each...This was an awesome upgrade and everybody was very happy...


Oh, and their Apple care had just ran out..."Sounds like my"

"No hard feeling, Apple Care Customer Service...It's all good..."














































Thank you...


Good luck, have fun, & use safety



Jett Art Industries

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May 20, 2015

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