Hard Drive Repair & Recovery: Ouch!

May 20, 2015

In this blog entry, I have quite a few photos of a hard drive repair and recovery, which can be very tedious, & still in the end all data, some data, or no data may or can be recovered...That's the case with this hard drive no data was recovered...sadly...But, most of this client's data was backed-up on the internet, through varies web storage sites...etc & etc... (privacy)... 


These photos are very good examples of what an actual hard drives insides & also outsides look like...


The hard drive didn't fail at startup using Sata and/or IDE to usb cable connections to use to recover data from this hard drive, but after running for quite a few minutes it would fail...I was able to see the hard drive file(s) itself, but I was unable to access the hard drive...As mention before data was recover in other regions and/or areas across the internet...

































Thank you...


Good luck, have fun, & use safety



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May 20, 2015

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