Samsung Screen Replacement: "Cracked & Covered!?!"

May 20, 2015

In this blog entry, I'll discuss about this Samsung Chromebook, it cracked and broken screen, plus how having a really good warranty consultant can help you out...


This customer came to me asking if I could fix their PC screen, natural I told them sure, but can I ask you a question...? 

"I asked, how long have you had your laptop...?"

They told me, "I just got this thing & it was broken..."

I asked, "have you called about your warranty...?

"Oh, I don't like fooling with those people & I can't understand them sometimes...Ugh..."

Me (Nate): "Ok, no problem let me get some information here from you and I'll call and contact them over the internet...How about that..."

Customer: "Wow, thanks!"


This customer exchange is what a call "customer to warranty consulting"...This is where the customer doesn't to deal with the hassle of the customer and warranty issues..."We do!"..."I usually don't have a problem hassling with some companies ever once a while & most of time they are more than willing to fixing the problem..." 


There's only a few things that you as a customer have to understand about the customer to warranty consulting process, it can be lengthy sometimes, but it is for a lesser cost and you don't void your manufacturers warranty for future issues...You would just be without it for awhile...Oh hey, it wasn't working properly before or wasn't it working at all...right...?"


I only charge a small consulting fee for this process, anyway..."Lower cost for my customers, equals happy customers...





Thank you...



Good luck, have fun, & use safety



Jett Art Industries




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