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Fun With Photo Color Effects: All About Green


In this short blog entry, I will be discussing colored photo effects, & of course if you have seen yet I kinda of like the color green. In one the photos I have my beautiful wife multi-tasking and unaware she just happen to have her photo taken, if so this photo might turn out to have been a little more green... "Smash!" Just kidding...Most people don't really know about color effects or aren't really sure how they work, but believe it or not I took these shoots on my smartphone, and a lot of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices have these effects already build into the cameras' settings under effects on these devices..."Oh, and you can do more than" Also, there are some super awesome software out there to have fun with that how you mostly learn something or atleast that's how I like to figures things out..."Learn by doin


Please, use caution when changing certain settings on the digital camera, smartphone, tablet, or any other mobile devices this may result in distorted, blurry, under-sized, over-sized photo/pictures, & user unhappiness...

Good luck, have fun, & use safety

Thank you...

Nate, Jett Art Industries

#photofilters #photoeffects #funwithphotoeffects #green

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