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IT Meets Craft Making: Diskette Pencil Boxes

In this short blog entry, I'm showing my crafty side with some diskette pencil boxes. These diskette boxes could be use for whatever kind of box that you would need a box this

In this project I used (older-used-formated) 1.44 mb color diskettes (any color & kind can be used) I also used; Zip-ties, pliers cutters for cutting plastic, & a cordless drill...Please use caution while used any type of tool, whether it is a hand-tool, or power-tool...Thank you...

Drilling a small hole (big enough for a small 4inch zip-ties to pass through) into each corner of each diskette (5 total) forming around starting with the bottom diskette 1st and going from the bottom to top...

"Oh, you may want to have extra zip-ties just in case...Until you get the hang of making these...This was a very fun project for me...I hope that you enjoy it as well..."

Thank you...

Good luck, have fun, & use safety


Jett Art Industries

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